The Nords


Survival in the frozen lands of Mannheim demands a particular mindset, ruled by the immediate and practical concerns of food and safety. Thus, the Nords have not forgotten the basic tenet for leadership: Power belongs to those who can seize it. While having the blood of a living legend coursing through your veins, granting you strength, speed and power beyond mortal limits, does not grant you the right to leadership, it does make it a lot easier to claim it. As a result, while not all of Nord leaders share the blood of the Einherjar, many do.

Aside from this, leadership in the Nord lands takes a very simple structure. At the very top stands the High King, a position created in the aftermath of the Jotun War recognizing the need to unify the Nord lands to ensure survival. The title is mostly ceremonial, naming a first among equals rather than an Emperor or Overlord. The position is commonly held by Arnbjörn, the Einherjar ruler of Aarheim, but he has relinquished it to challengers who have shown promise before.

Below stand the Konungyr. Each of these men has earned the right to sit at the High Table at the banquets held in Aarheim by the High King. Although little is known regarding the powerful Oath the Jötnar swore to the Einherjar, it is suspected that the power to compel these powerful beings is shared with those present at these gatherings, but it remains hearsay and suspicion. None have dared anger the Einherjar or undermine the Oath by sharing its secrets.

Until they are chosen by the High King, those who would become Konungyr possess almost as many titles as there are leaders themselves. Some claim the title of Kings, others call themselves Jarls, others are called Chieftains, others still would be hard to distinguish from bandit leaders. However, each of these Lords is surrounded by his Chosen Men. While the term refers to one’s personal guard, in reality they are much more than that: bodyguards, friends, vassals and champions. These warbands can display tremendous variation, as each man has been hand-picked by the Lord to reflect his chosen form of warfare.

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