Tips: The Spires Warband Bundle

The Spires Warband Bundle provides you with a mix of cheap and elite Infantry Regiments that can be built upon later with the heavier choices available to the Spires. This Army List capitalizes on the High Clone Executor’s Supremacy Ability allowing you to deliver a mighty strike against enemy Regiments and smashing through the enemy lines. The Force Grown Regiments will pin down enemy Regiments while the elite Vanguard Clones take to the flanks to deliver a mighty strike.

The Mimetic Assassin has been built with the purpose of destroying enemy Characters in a Duel as it is able to Seek new Escort to any other Infantry Regiment in your army, being able to deliver the Assassin anywhere needed in your front lines. Make sure to use Pheromantic Drive sparingly; although it can push Regiments to serious levels of damage dealing, the Decay it applies on said Regiment will quickly wither it away! Make sure to synergize it with your Supremacy Ability for a truly debilitating strike!

The Spires Army List

The Spires - 2000/2000
Warband Bundle Army List - The Spires
High Clone Executor [75]: Select as Warlord
- Vanguard Clones (6) [330]
- Vanguard Clone Infiltrators (3) [195]
- Force-Grown Drones (6) [155]
- Marksman Clones (3) [165]
Pheromancer [110]: Pheromantic Drive
- Force-Grown Drones (6) [180]: Catabolic Node
- Force-Grown Drones (6) [180]: Catabolic Node
- Abomination (1) [145]
Mimetic Assassin [110]: Adaptive Senses, Venom
- Vanguard Clones (6) [355]: Assault Preceptor
Characters: 3
Light Regiments: 4
Medium Regiments: 3
Heavy Regiments: 1
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