Season Zero – Short Preview

The Organized Play Kit: Season Zero (OP Kit for short) is NOW available to retailers via their distributors. They are available to order it the same way as any other SKU and it is designed for those retailers that want to host (or have a Vanguard host in their venue) the events of Season Zero. The Kit provides the details needed for the Season Zero events, along with the goodies to be awarded to the players. While specific details (and certainly rewards) of the Kit may differ in future Seasons, we want Organized Conquest to always reward both participation and performance.

For Season Zero, the OP Kit is intended for 8 participants; every participant will be receiving a coin and 15 Conquest themed sleeves for their Command Cards. Keep your coins! Even if you’re not simply looking to collect them, they will be used to acquire exclusive rewards in the future 😉

The events of Season Zero culminate into a Tournament, the first player of which will be awarded the miniature in the OP Kit, while the second player will be awarded the Conquest-themed Deckbox.

If more than 8 players want to participate, one can either host more than one series of Season Zero or combine them. In these cases, it is appropriate to acquire more OP Kits and split them amongst players accordingly. In the case of a Season of more than 8 participants, the highest ranked participants will be awarded with the alternative-sculpt/not-yet-released miniature, then the highest under them will be awarded with the deckboxes.

Should you have any questions please send us an email:

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