AND an entire WORLD.

Join us and four gamers - OnTableTop’s very own Warren, Gerry, Justin and John- as each start their journey in the world of Conquest with a different faction. Become part of the experience that is Conquest and dive into all its aspects!

Bring the game to Life.

Walk the...


What Is The Path of Conquest

The Path of Conquest is an online slow grow league, a series of events, videos and guides you are welcome to follow and enjoy as you start your own path with Conquest. Join Warren, Gerry, Justin, John, Leo, and Konstantinos to explore all facets of Conquest.

The “Path of Conquest” is a tale, YOUR tale and the tale of an entire community, along with a tale of four gamers experiencing Conquest. It is also a debut effort by Para Bellum Wargames and OnTableTop to bring the community and hobby experience to your screens and tables, in these strange times we live in, based on OnTableTop’s popular “Slow Grow League” format.

Join Warren, Gerry, Justin and John from OnTableTop and our own Leo and Konstantinos and explore all facets of Conquest, through a series of videos, guides and events that leave no stone unturned. Whether you are a new player or an existing one, you will get a chance to walk the path with them from the beginning and experience all aspects of the game – even some you did not know existed. Not only will you be able to learn everything about our first four factions, from their mechanics, to their lore, from assembly tips to help in picking color schemes and from the first, simple game to the building of lists and the devising of more complex strategies. You will also have the opportunity to learn all about factions other than your own, become privy to all their little secrets and see what to expect on the field, all the while sharing the excitement their players feel when they look at their armies. Every step of the way, you will be able to participate, to walk the Path of Conquest with them, paint, play, gather knowledge, experience and hobby time.

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How Does One Walk the Path of Conquest?

The answer is easy: by enjoying Conquest! Everything you see our four gamers do, you can do too; just make sure you use the handle #pathofconquest!

Walking the Path of Conquest takes you through a journey of immersion in the world of Eä where you muster your forces and lead them to war and leave your mark in its chronicles. By tuning in every week you get to take in the rules, tactics, strategies and stories of Conquest in bite-sized pieces, leading up to a final escalation event!


The Path of Conquest has 6 Milestones. Each of them will help guide you into slowly forging a force from a single infantry mini to a Warlord’s mighty army, assembled, painted and thirsty for victory. Stay tuned!

Meet The Characters!


You know him as Community Manager. Inspirational figure. Leader of a Thousand Thousand Vanguards*.

Soon, you’ll also know him as the guide of our four gamers in #PathofConquest.

*Number rounded up. Slightly.

Warren of the Legion,

The Steel of OnTabletop, Leader of Men, is preparing to walk his #PathofConquest, bringing the might of the Hundred Kingdoms to the table!

John the Huskarl,

Τhe Sophisticated Raider, the Calm Death of OnTabletop. His #PathofConquest will bring his Nords to your door, be it Hold, Spire or castle!

Justin the Berserker,

Just In Flames, the Fiery Beard of Ontabletop. From the deepest pits below to the fields of battle where he spreads terror and flame, his #PathofConquest is one of mayhem, fiery interviews and Aghm.

Gerry the Brute, 

The Voice that Soothes, the Spire of Ontabletop. His #PathofConquest brings ruthless strategies, vicious creations and revolting abominations on the table.

Follow Along With These Faction Guides!

A Gaming Night to Last Months

We think of the Conquest community as a giant, ever growing gaming club, where “newbies” and “veterans” both are welcome. Our dream would be to invite all of you in one place, with tables enough for everyone to play, with displays for all your minis and with discussions firing up on every corner of this club. We could not find a hall big enough and while we cannot order pizzas all around, we did find some alternatives. Your screens will be the displays. OnTableTop will be our giant gaming table. And in that sense, the Path of Conquest is a months-long gaming night at the club.

Welcome to the Conquest community. Let’s play!