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Hundred Kingdoms Imperial Bundles

Hundred Kingdoms

Though no Emperor sits on the Hollow Throne, though countless squabbling nobles pick at the vulnerable tapestry of a once great empire, the Tellian Empire is not dead. A fraction of its former glory shines in the efficiency, performance and drill of any army commanded by an Imperial Officer. At his side, you'll find the Steel Legion, one of the oldest fighting forces and the last surviving link between the glorious military history of the Armatellum dynasty and the Hundred Kingdoms today.

You heard right! The Steel Legion and Marksman Clones are now available on our e-shop, as are a total of seven(!) of our characters! Our two Core Box factions are building up their strength and we thought it fair to our players to be able to start ripping the benefits. So, as a special offer and to help both new players and those who have already made their start, we made two bundle deals for you: The Hundred Kingdoms Imperial Army and the Hundred Kingdoms Imperial Expansion bundles!

Click on the links above, see what's in store for you and take advantage of this limited time offer!

As for our Spires fans... Worry not and stay tuned ;)

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