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Conquest the Game - FAQ

What is Conquest?

Conquest is a mass battle, rank-and-file, fantasy wargame, played on a 4x4 ft or a 4x6 ft tabletop. For more information on how the game works, check the videos here

Is Conquest Crowdfunded?
Conquest is NOT Crowdfunded. We are building Para-Bellum from the ground up, you only have to go to your local gaming store and pick up a set!

What about the miniatures?
Conquest miniatures come in hard plastic, injection molded sprues, that are multi-part and multi-pose. Some Character expansions will be released in resin. The aesthetic is medieval dark fantasy at a 36-39mm scale. 

When is Conquest launching?
Conquest will launch on the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

What is included in the release?
Conquest will be launching with two factions, the Hundred Kingdoms and the Spires. Within a year after launch two more factions will be released, the Nords and the Dweghom. The Conquest two-player starter set will include about 80 miniatures from both the Hundred Kingdoms and the Spires.

What about Events and Organized Play?
Organized play will be released a year after initial launch, when there will be enough diversity between the four factions released then, to support it.

Will Conquest be released in my native language?
Conquest will be released in different languages as the game progresses.

What comes next?
Conquest is about creating an original IP and so we have payed a lot of attention to detail to allow this world to flourish and grow. Tons of new factions, tournament packs, army-builders and uniques prizes are just some examples of what we are currently working on. 

It is going to be a good one.

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