Bringing the ‘heat’ in ‘heated debate'
… Their bodies, their weapons, some say their very souls are set ablaze once its power is unleashed. These Initiates abandon the kin band travelled with, striking off into the deeper darkness with no one at their side but the power raging within them. Many fall to the dangers lurking within those dark tunnels, but those that survive are instinctually guided ever deeper into the darkness.

None speak of what happens in the deep, but when they return they are changed: their bodies sport crude implants that compensate for those losses they have suffered to foe or flame, while their obsidian arms and what little armor they bear are impervious to the flame and heat they generate. On the field of battle, the elemental Fire burning within them grants them a speed and power few others could hope to match, rising in power and tempo the fiercer the conflict rages. Soon, each berserker is engulfed in a corona of fire that swirls around them, burning lesser foes to cinders, even before the deadly axes reap their own toll…

Para Bellum Wargames Ltd / SWITCH