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Spires 1000+ Bundle

The Spires

Unleashed on the outside world for the first time in millennia, Marksman Clones are reaping a bloody toll on the battlefield, providing withering salvoes of accurate fire for the monstrous throng the Spires call an army. And under the command of a High Clone Executor, an army is exactly what Spire forces become, while Pheromancers turn the soldiers into ravening automata. For those that can't be easily reached... fear not. Somewhere among the lines of expendable forces that walk under the thunderous steps of Brute Drones and Abominations, the Mimmetic Assassin is waiting for the right time to strike.

Over 1.000 points of freakishly effective creations, from lowly drones to pinnacle Clones, will remind the primitive bibeds where true power lies, so make sure you lure a friend to mount the Hundred Kingdom forces of your Core Box against you...

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