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Nords 1000+ Bundle

The Nords
While the weaklings of the warm lands built a Dominion, they watched their gods die at the hands of Surtr. While the fire children sought safe refuge on the shores of the Bounty, they survived only because they were useful as slaves to the Jotnar. While their cousins enjoyed harvests and expanded, they struggled for freedom.
But now they have it. The Jotnar now serve them. Their chosen walk among them, their blood coursing through the veins of their beastly descendants. Their harsh, frozen motherland has forged them into harsh warriors, with cold hearts. And now, once more, they turn their eyes to the shores of the south, with cold winds filling their sails...

Let the memory of your fallen gods burn behind your eyes and take revenge for the stolen pride and glory of Manheim! With over 1.000 points of Nord might, let the world know what your land has taught you: there are no gifts but what you take with steel.
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