1. Errata incorporated

2. Rules streamlined and polished

3. Army wide special rules

4. Balance update

5. Brand new translations for English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish editions!

1.5 is the next step for both The Last Argument of Kings and First Blood

It offers extensive and significant changes to individual rules, gives more flavor to entire factions and provides solutions to balancing issues, and while some are polished, the core mechanics of the game remain undisturbed. The changes in 1.5 stemmed from two years of feedback from the community of Conquest while it also introduces many of the ideas we had always had for the game. In that sense, it is a step of growth, a natural evolution of those same systems you have come to know and love.


Rules Streamlined

We have incorporated the Errata, clarified and streamlined CHARGE RULES, LINE OF SIGHT, MOVEMENT and CHARGE rules. As well as revamped several oppressive SPECIAL RULES such as Decay, Deadly Shot and Lethal Demise.

Army Wide Special Rules

No longer will the W’adrhun players lord their armies special rules over the other Factions. All factions have been updated with Army Special Rules, allowing players to customize their armies and forge their forces into the perfect weapons!

Balance Update

Following community feedback, and taking the new Army Wide Special Rules into account, each and every Regiment, Character and Upgrade has been combed trough and adjusted to make sure their profile is internally and externally balanced. 

Updated Army Lists for Last Argument of Kings

The 100 Kingdoms

The Spires

The Dweghom

The W’adrhŭn

Are you interested only in what changed in the new version? Check out the Errata documents for the full list of changes!