BrisCon 2023 Report!

Australia kicks it into gear with our first big tournament event for TLAOK 2.0 with Briscon 2023!18 brilliant generals fought each other across 5 rounds to determine the champions of the Sunshine State!This is Rhys, host of Vanguard Garage Gaming, and I am going to run you through our Top 3 Lists! 1st Place – […]

The Port of Rhodea

The city state of Rhodea – located on the island of the same name, at the lower north-west quadrant of the City States Peninsula – is known for its masterful craftmanship and extensive industrial prowess. The massive harbour city endlessly reverberates with the droning of countless shipyards and the metallic clamouring of workshops and forges. […]

TLAoK Additional Scenarios March Update

With AdeptiCon 2023 fast approaching, a small update to our Scenario Pack is now live including all your Frequently Asked Questions! Here is a list of all changes you will find in the March Update: Addressed all questions regarding a Player not having any more Regiments to command. Objective Zones and Objective Markers can be […]

What is Project 8?

Project 8 is a very special Living World event, running from December 26th 2022 to January 27th 2023. During that time, unlike the usual multiple characters and decisions, the Living World will ask only one, VERY important question: Which will the eighth Faction of Conquest be? The result, decided by the Conquest Community, will determine […]

Michigan GT TLAOK Tournament Results Are In!

After a true clash of TLAOK Titans at Michigan GT last week and an incredible 1st place finish by Ben Rislove (Spires), it’s time to sit back and review the top 3 lists! I am Leo, Rules Designer for Conquest TLAOK and First Blood and I’ll be your guide into the state of the game! […]

RESIN BEAST Competition Returns With $14,000 in Prizes!

The RESIN BEAST miniature painting competition returns for 2023! The biggest Resin Beast Painting Competition! We want you to be part of a world-class painting event that features a massive prize pool ($14,000 USD), trophies, and more brought to you by Creature Caster and Para-Bellum Games. Para Bellum and Creature Caster encourages Painters and Hobbyists […]

Gencon 2022 – Final Five Tournament Lists!

A huge thank you to everyone that participated in this year’s GenCon 2022 TLAoK Tournament! After a couple of fierce Rounds, five players rose amongst the rest and fought head on for the title of the first GenCon TLAOK Champion! Let’s see what they brought to the battlefield! 5th place | Wylie Caras – Hundred […]

Organized Conquest – KublaCon 2022

KublaCon returned in 2022  with over 2,500 attendees for the 20th Anniversary! New gamers along with returning hosts and lifetime members spent endless hours at numerous events over Memorial Day weekend in Burlingame, CA! Our first Conquest Tournament at KublaCon had a strong showing with all six armies playing and the newest Old Dominion coming […]

Adepticon 2022 Final Four Tournament Lists

A huge thank you to our entire Community for joining us this year AdeptiCon 2022! It’s been a long couple quarantine years and what better way to kick things off than a The Last Argument of Kings 2000 points Tournament, and what an absolute nail-biter that was! After a couple of fierce Rounds, four players […]

We are hiring: Junior Digital Visual Artist!

Would you like to join a team of experienced artists filled with positive energy and creativity?We are a miniature tabletop manufacturer looking for a Trainee/Junior Digital Visual Artist to join our art studio. Responsibilities will include:Concepts and model sheetsIllustrationAdditional desired skill includes:Montage (posters and advertising)Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and InDesignVideo editing skills Are you interested? […]