Character Portrait: Alekhaneros

“We each wage petty little wars around ourselves, without meaning. We turned the very weapon of our freedom into the shackles of our kind, fearing our own blessings, our own strength and putting numbers and measures in our very freedom.” Alekhaneros was born in the Dheubrodsûn clan of Ghe’Domn, where many lesser clans led by […]

Situation in Mannheim

While it could be easy to dismiss Nord culture and politics as crude, simple and brutal, any who made that mistake would not survive for long. Brutal, yes. Crude and simple? No. It is easy to forget that Mannheim has seen the rule of Dragons, the Yggdrasil Spire, the Jotnar and only recently that of […]

Rules Update May 12, 2020

Rules updates: Mercenary Crossbowmen are added as a Mainstay Regiment to a Noble Lord. “The crossbow represents a significant technological improvement over the bow and longbow. While some could argue that the longbows increased range and rate of fire outclass the crossbow, mastery of that massive weapon requires years, while a man can learn to […]

Lore Animated: Nepenthe – Things Forgotten

ANIMATED VIDEO: NEPENTHE – THINGS FORGOTTEN  In the aftermath of the Deletion of Vatsdam, King Fredrik of Brandengrad struggles to come to terms with his new station and the new world that his war with Nepenthe has created.  Somewhere between a prequel and a fourth installment in our Nepenthe series, “Things Forgotten” delves deeper into […]