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How They Play – Old Dominion

Who are the Old Dominion?

Long before the Hundred Kingdoms, mankind reached the zenith of its power under the auspices and protection of its patron god, Hazlia the Pantokrator, and formed the Dominion. The Dominion spread mankind’s influence to the four corners of Ea, but was shattered in the apocalyptic Fall, when mankind turned on their god and laid him low. Immortal but wounded unto death, a maddened Hazlia made a deal with the Horseman of Death, merging his essence of Creation with that of the Primordial of Destruction becoming the un-God and birthing forth an abomination to all creation: the undead. Though defeated and bound by the selfless sacrifice of the Last Legion, Hazlia and his corrupted priesthood have been able to reanimate his ancient legions, turning even the very stones of his consecrated temples and cities against the living, forming the core of the forces of the Old Dominion.

How do they play?

The Old Dominion is an elite, defensive army that gets more powerful the more casualties it suffers. Combined with sturdy infantry and powerful supporting Cavalry and Brutes, this makes a very unique army whose power increases as the troop count decreases. Old Dominion armies generally play slower, wanting to grind down their enemy while getting stronger themselves until the enemy just cannot handle them any longer and break allowing the ever advancing forces of the Old Dominion push their way through.

The Old Dominion armies can also take a Fallen Divinity, which changes how their army plays, as this monstrous centerpiece takes power from your army to enhance itself into a massive apparition of death that sweeps across the battlefield.

Why should I collect them?

You enjoy Roman/Byzantine or the undead aesthetics, you enjoy having a very durable army and watching your enemies break upon your shield walls like waves upon the rocks. You enjoy watching your army power up over the course of the game to become an unstoppable tide of the undead. Players who want a massive super monster crashing through the enemy army being empowered by your entire army will also like the Fallen Divinity, and how she changes the entire playstyle around herself.

Where do I start?

If you wish to start the Final Creed, the priests of the Dominion and their very churches, now walking hulks of carnage, the Old Domion: Single Player Starter will get you everything you need.

If you want to start the Fallen Pantheon, the other gods and angels of the Pantheon, a Fallen Divinity is a must have, in addition a Hierodeacon and Legionnaires make for an excellent supporting force for your undead god.

If you’d like to start the Legions, the militaries of the Dominion returned for another triumph, a Xhiliarch or Strategos, with Legionnaires, Praetorians, and Kataphraktoi, will give you all you need to start playing them.

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