Welcome to the world of Conquest! Immerse yourself in epic battles and strategic warfare with our two thrilling tabletop miniature games: Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings, a rank and flank wargame, and Conquest: First Blood, a skirmish game. What makes these games even more exciting is that you can use the same miniatures to play both!

More than six centuries have passed since the Fall and war is brewing. With ancient enemies and enmities reawakening, the fight will soon begin.

Which side will you take…?

Conquest – The Last Argument of Kings is an exhilarating mass battle wargame that offers a perfect blend of accessibility for newcomers and intricate strategic options for seasoned veterans. Say goodbye to traditional player turns and predictable army deployment, because Conquest introduces a refreshing command stack mechanic. As a commander, you’ll have the power to determine the activation order of your troops at the beginning of each round, injecting a thrilling layer of tactical decision-making into every engagement. But that’s not all. Conquest employs an innovative escalation reinforcement mechanic, where the roles of light, medium, and heavy troops come into play. This ingenious system creates a realistic fog of war, ensuring that each unit’s capabilities and strengths matter in the ever-shifting tides of battle.

And here’s the best part, the miniatures you collect for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings can also be used in…

Conquest: First Blood, our gripping skirmish game. With First Blood, you can experience intense, fast-paced battles on a smaller scale while still utilizing the same meticulously crafted miniatures from your collection.

So whether you’re a seasoned war strategist or a newcomer eager to embark on your first conquest, the world of Conquest offers you endless possibilities. Gather your forces, hone your tactics, and prepare for the ultimate test of skill and strategy across both The Last Argument of Kings and First Blood. The battlefield awaits!

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