Dear gamers,
Dear players, Vanguards, fans, distributors, retailers and expo-organizers,
Dear fellow producers, competitors and teammates alike,
Dear all,

It’s been a year. A year since Conquest turned from a dream of gamers into a game for gamers. Four factions have been released, each with a solid foundation for the future and each constantly expanding. Our game system has evolved to come that much closer to the full vision that we have. Our Companion is in your hands, Season Zero is out and our Living World is breathing and waiting to meet all of you. Our e-shop and website have been redesigned, ever expanding on the lore, and now with an Event Calendar and Store Locator. Our Vanguards have proudly spread the word around the globe, surpassing our expectations in their passion and performance, while our community is expanding daily. New people are joining with their love for Conquest evident and vibrant. It has been a great year! We are proud of all the hard work behind those things, and we know that we have YOU to thank for your support of them.

Be it because you enjoy our game, you bring your own vision to it and even make your own content out of it; that is the greatest motivation for us, to see Conquest become alive in your hands. Be it because you carry it or distribute it, because you bring us closer to our community and help us expand it or because you urge us to push ourselves further; that is the industry we love being a part of. For any and all of these reasons and many more, we thank you for an amazing year, the first of many years of Conquest.

And it has been an amazing year! Even if, perhaps, not a perfect one. Along the road, we were forced to address many unexpected issues, both as a new company but also because of situations far beyond our control. It was with your help, support and push and a lot of hard work that we encountered those issues head on. The Covid pandemic affected us, and all of you, on many levels.

Yet, once the initial shock of global events was over, we saw this as an opportunity to settle, rethink, plan, reach out and reorganize wherever we felt it was needed. We are now certain that we are coming out of it stronger. Our skirmish game and campaign systems will be out soon, allowing players to recreate any conflict, not matter how small or massive, on their tabletop. But beyond that, there are so many things we want you to see as soon as possible, from our Founder’s series to our Living World campaigns, more reading material, even more partnerships, and, above all, more MINIS…!

We don’t know what other surprises this year has in store for us but Conquest is starting to look like what we wanted it to be: not just an excellent wargame but the solid foundation to a complete, interactive gaming world. We are a young outfit taking our first steps in the market and we have felt the presence and support of our community from day one. We want to continue growing this company with you guys and hope that the Living World is only the first step on this amazing journey together.

This company started out as a dream and has come so far on sheer audacity and effort… We look forward to seeing where it can go powered by all of our collective imagination and passion! Here is to a hundred more!

Keep Conquering and happy gaming!

Thank you for this amazing first year,

 The Team of Para Bellum Wargames


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