The Dweghom


While it is true that the vast majority of Dweghom who display an pronounced affinity to the elements of Fire or Earth are sent to the Tempered Caste, few among those possess the Gift, temperament and drive to become a Sorcerer. Those are quickly selected and separated from their peers to groom them for their future growth.

Those only marginally more gifted than their peers can be taught to control their more pronounced Gift through an application of strict mental discipline enforced by the Clan. They often become very productive members of their caste as they take advantage of the tirelessness and vigor provided by the enhanced primordial flow coursing through their bodies.

There exists a middle category, whose powers are too great to be contained through exercise and meditation, or who possess the power but simply lack the mental discipline or ambition to complete the Sorcerer training. Their gifts, unable to be tamed by training alone, must dealt with through more extreme measures: the implantation of techno-sorcerous grafts that serve as vents for the overflowing power. These vents, which interphase directly with the body and primordial essence of each Dweghom are personalized devices created and implanted by Steel Shapers, who are the only casters capable of such deep understanding of the energies involved and such fine control of their own powers.

These individuals form the bulk of the Tempered Caste. They are the technicians that keep the dragon forges running, the craftsmen who create the bulk of the weaponry the Dweghom military uses, and they are the guards and enforcers of the Tempered caste.

The Fireforged are a military force composed of those Dweghom who possesses a strong affinity for fire, but not enough power of discipline to become a Sorcerer.  Ostensibly guards to the Forge Temples of the Tempered, along with the Stoneforged and Steelforged, their gifted nature and implanted shunts give the Forged units a unique advantage on the field of battle: the use of enhanced exoskeletons and weaponry.

Unlike their Stoneforged brethren, the exoskeleton of the Fireforged is focused simply on the delivery and containment of their main armament: the Blast Cannon. Based on a scaled down design of the Hellbringer Cannons used to hunt the greatest of dragons, the Blast Cannons draw and shape the uncontrolled gift of their Dweghom users to generate powerful directional blasts of superheated flame capable of puncturing even the heaviest of plate at a hundred paces. Their powered exoskeletons enhance their strength, allowing the Fireforged to remain mobile on the field of battle despite the weight of the Blast Cannon to deliver their powerful blasts where most needed. More than capable in close combat, the Fireforged can then follow up a devastating salvo with a savage charge, or easily fend off light units and skirmishers, allowing their heavy weaponry to be employed at bringing down the most heavily armored of foes. 

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