[USA/MO] Miniature Market Cave Springs CLAK Tournament



July 27, 2024


Immerse yourself in the epic clash of armies at our upcoming Conquest: the Last Argument of Kings tournament, where battles unfold at the 2000-point level! Whether you’re a seasoned general or a newcomer to the battlefield, this is your chance to prove your strategic prowess.

Fear not the pressure of perfect paint jobs—painting is optional, and we’re here to support your journey to 2000 points. Reach out to nheugel89@gmail.com for assistance in borrowing models, ensuring you’re ready for the ultimate showdown.

To enter this thrilling contest, a mere $5 buy-in at the store grants you a chance at glory and fantastic prizes. The buy-in contributes to our prize pool in the form of Store Credit, promising rewards that go beyond the battlefield.

The triumphant commander of the tournament not only claims half of the buy-in but also secures an exclusive organized play model, marking them as a true champion. But that’s not all—each quarter of your painted army earns you an entry into a drawing for another organized play model as well as the remaining half of the buy-in.  Thus ensuring that all aspects of the hobby play a role in determining our winners.

Join us for a day of strategic maneuvers, fierce battles, and camaraderie. The fate of Ea awaits, and we invite you to seize it at our Conquest tournament. May the strongest and most tactically brilliant emerge as the true heroes of the Last Argument of Kings!


Miniature Market Cave Springs
1077 Cave Springs Blvd, St. Peters, MO 6376
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