[USA/CA] Conquest Holiday League

Casual Play


November 12, 2023


It’s the league you’ve been waiting for! Join us here at Game Kastle Sacramento for our Holiday Conquest League!
Format: League
League length: November 12th – December 17th
Time: Play any day of the week! Meet-ups are on Sundays at 3pm!
Entry: $20
Both game formats are allowed in this League. The Last Argument of Kings games must be a minimum of 750pts. First Blood games must be a minimum of 500pts. Participants can report 1 game a week but play as many times as they want. Report your Win/Loss along with your VP for your game to Game Kastle Staff!
Scoring: VP(Victory Points) will be used for scoring. LP(League Points) are awarded 1 per game and will be added to your overall score. Make sure to get a game in every week to take advantage of those League Points!
1st place gets an Exclusive Weaver Courts Preview Model + Store Credit based on the number of entries!
2nd place gets Store Credit based on the number of entries!
3rd place gets Store Credit based on the number of entries!
Top 3 players will also get their choice of one of the 11 Army Alt Upgrade kits we have available while supplies last!
All participating League players will get a store activity code!
Player cap 16!
Join us in the Game Kastle Sacramento community Discord to coordinate games with other players as well as information on newly released products! https://discord.gg/xUWSMCJv5z


Game Kastle Sacramento
5522 Garfield Ave, Sacramento CA 95841
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