PUG Alpha Season Week 2

Casual Play


September 10, 2021


PUG Season and Hobby Challenge

Welcome to the next week in our PUG (pick up game) season and hobby challenge!

Location: Fantasy Games, South Bend, IN.

How it works:

Each week you can play games and post photos of hobby progress on our Facebook page to earn raffle tickets for the raffle at the end of the season:

You can earn up to 8 PUG tickets and 8 Hobby Tickets

If you play a game against someone you have not played this season, you get 2 PUG tickets, and if you play a game against someone you have already played this season, you get 1 PUG ticket.

Every week you post a hobby progress photo on facebook you get 1 Hobby ticket.

On the First Friday of each month we will host a PUG day at Fantasy Games where you can guarantee to get a game in and hang out with the whole group!  To schedule PUGs any other time, you can post on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275216736268098, or tag @Conquest on our discord server to tag all the conquest players and find a game that way! (Discord is the more popular means of scheduling for our community.  There is a permalink to the server in our facebook group)

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