PUG Alpha Season Start!

Casual Play


September 1, 2021


This is our first test run so will be free to join!
To sign up: come to the season start event! If you cannot make it to this event and still want to participate just DM me and we will get you sorted out!

How it will work:
The season will last 8 weeks

On the First Friday of each month there is a PUG day to get everyone together and guarantee everyone will get a game in.

When you play a game: post a pic to the Facebook group with the hashtag #pugseason and put the names of each player in the post! (Only one of you needs to post)

Whenever you play a game against someone you have not played yet this season, you earn 2 raffle tickets! And, when you play against someone you have already played this season, you earn 1. Each player can earn a maximum of 8 entries per season.

At the start of the following season, we will hold our raffle drawing at Fantasy Games in South Bend for the previous season! (E.g. this season runs September – October, with the drawing at the start of the November – December season).

Facebook Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1275216736268098/?ref=share


Fantasy Games
52025 IN-933 South Bend, IN 46637
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