PUG Alpha Season Hobby Challenge

Hobby Hangout


September 3, 2021


Running alongside our PUG (Pick-up-game) season we will be doing a hobby challenge!
This seasons challenge is simple: Get stuff together and start painting!
Future Hobby Challenges may have specific themes, goals, etc and will change as we grow and evolve as a community.
To start though, we’re going simple. 8 weeks of hobbying, building models, painting models, building terrain, any hobby work for Conquest counts! Each week post a hobby picture in the facebook group with the hashtag #HobbyChallenge
Each week you post a hobby photo is an entry for the Hobby Challenge raffle! the raffle itself will be held on the First Friday in November alongside the PUG season raffle.
I can’t wait to see what everyone accomplishes this season!

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