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November 20, 2023


Online Casual Play November 20th – November 26th
Are you looking to try out Conquest: First Blood II? Do you want to try the new scenarios, or try a new army? Do you just want to meet some nice people who also enjoy this game? Do you want to do any of the above from the comfort of your home?

Then you should join the online conquest casual play events! This is a weekly online league hosted on Table Top Simulator, you sign up only for weeks you want to participate and will be given a scenario, map, and opponent to play with during the week.

For First Blood II Sign up Here:

Finally, join the conquest eternals discord where everything is organized and you can find pick up games of Conquest.

There is also a collection of information about Conquest on the Conquest Eternal website:

Finally, you can get more information from


Conquest Eternals
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