[Netherlands] Conquest Autumn Conquest League

Mox spellen


November 5, 2023


From September 1 to November 30  will the Conquest Autumn League last. Players can choose between playing 6 battle’s off Conquest or 12 Firstblood battle’s during the first Miniature Sunday or the fourth Miniature Monday. Players can also play the League battle’s outside these events.  The scenarios are from the scenariopacks for Conquest and Firstblood, for Conquest: Head to Head, Divide and Conquer, Breakout, Off-Balance and for First blood: Pincer, Broken Lines, Meeting Engagement, Fall into rank. 




Rules for the League are as follow:

– You pick one off the scenario’s to play.

-During the League you are allowed to play 3 battle’s against a player.

– You are allowed to play Conquest and First blood.

– Conquest TLAOK will grant you double  Tourney-points and is allowed to be played 6 times.

–  You are allowed to play at other locations. You could play a League battle at someones home, so long as there is  pictures with calendar date provided of the battle that was played is sent to the Mox spellen organization then will the battle be considered legal for the League 


Mox spellen
Middenwaard 24b 1703 SE Heerhugowaard Netherlands
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