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September 4, 2021


Learn to play

Who: With Ian
What: a Learn to play style weekly league.
When: Each Saturday in September, from 12:30-3pm each Saturday
Where: at Golden Rhino Games of course! 2092 Whittaker Rd, Ypsilanti, MI, 48197
Why: to play with like minded people and enjoy a new “Rank & Flank” style tabletop game.

Join us each Saturday in September from 12:00 to 3pm (12:30 official start time) as we learn to play the tabletop miniatures game Conquest: Last Argument of Kings from Parabellum Games.
The goal of this group is to learn both the Skirmish game (First Blood) and full game (I’ll refer to it as Full Conquest) with like minded individuals. In this way we enjoy the game together and grow our tabletop community with more than just GW games.

Each week we will discuss a part about the game before pairing off into groups to play small games.

Week 1 will focus on the games (both First Blood and Full Conquest) and talk about the core game mechanics. Thanks to both game designs, when you learn one you’re really learning both games. They have about a 90% crossover. Then we will set up our first First blood games and play a few turns. Never mind needing to come up with a list. We will just be putting models on the table and rolling dice.

Week 2 will focus on the special rules and effects the game has uniquely to it. Things like what Draw Events, Mutations and Upgrades, the systems Universal Special Rules, and so on. After this discussion we will then map out the models in our collection. What they are, how many points we have, and how to build a small list with them.
Then we will pair off (still not using pointed lists) and try out the new Special Rules we learned.

Week 3 will focus on the Full Conquest game more than First Blood and how moving with Rank and Flank style units works. At this point in time most players should have a good understanding of how to build an army list and start to understand how your particular faction works within both games.
We will pair off and play 500-1000 point Full Conquest games.

Week 4 will be the fourth and final week. We will have a quick discussion about any of the new rules from version 1.5 and what we have learned as a group about the game.
Afterwards we will pair off and play any point size game both or either First Blood or Full Conquest.

At the end of this I hope to see new people join our local Conquest community and people continue to play the game regularly. I know I will be!



Golden Rhino Games
2092 Whittaker rd
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