Conquest Paint Night at Game Kastle Sacramento

Paint Day


September 13, 2021


Game Kastle Sacramento would like to invite everyone that; likes to paint miniatures, loves playing wargames or enjoys the process of making minis come to life, to our Conquest Paint Night event. This is a painting event and you don’t need to know how to play, because we will be painting. 


The store will provide paints, brushes, miniatures and a quick painting guide from Para Bellum! The best part, participants will get a Store Activation code to earn Aghm on There will be some great prizes including, but not limited to a Red Grass Mini Wet Pallet!!!


When: September 13


Time: 5pm-9pm


Event Fee: $10


Participation Prizes: 1 Store Activation Aghm code, 1 Davinci Brush and take home your Conquest miniature!

Red Grass Miniature Wet Pallet and Miniature Handle will be randomly prized out to participants!


Join us in the Game Kastle Sacramento community Discord as well:


Game Kastle Sacramento
5522 Garfield Ave
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