Conquest Legends – Payroll pt. 3

You fought hard and valiantly and as a great general once said, “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, as long as their is cool stuff to gain once the fight is over”. Admittedly, we may have paraphrased a tiny bit but we remain certain that someone, somewhere said something vaguely similar! Once the […]

Conquest Legends – Payroll pt. 2

Having succesfully putting together your Payroll, it’s time for your troops to be sent into battle for the glory of your cause and the legendary bragging rights! For that you will first need to prepare and Army List from the forces that are available in your Payroll. You can start by loading up your desired […]

Conquest Legends – Payroll pt. 1

In Conquest Legends you are tasked to take your personnal retinue of loyal troops and elevate them from a mere Warband to a mighty Army! Each Character and Regiment in your Army will accumulate experience and gain new skills as they keep fighting battle after battle, eventually reaching legendary levels of power! To keep track […]